black chalk by death hack

Withdrawal by Jay Umz

xinhxinhambra by tubal cain

Spielpermar Spielparmid

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Insigne Spielpermar Spielparmid Insigne
Prelude The Proving Ground
Release Date 21/6/12
Catalogue # OEJ002
Format CD | Free MP3 | SS Deluxe
Running Time 50:23
Recorded & Mixed by ER at The Coalshed, Killucan [Winter '11/12] & The Bunker, Scottsdale [02-05 Dec '10]
Mastered by James Plotkin
Written & Produced by Jung Turks
Credits WIO lyrics from 'there is a light' by ar, published in the collection shadow's son [2011]
  Algorithm Animali contains an extract from 'm.a. flower' by Tubal Cain
Cover Artwork 'Playing at Stallions' by Paddy Lennon
Other Artwork ER
Phonetics Spielpermar Spielparmid /spɪəlpɜːrmær spɪəlpærmɪd/ speel-per-mar speel-par-mid
Gnixter Fūgum /naɪtɜːr fuːgʊm/ n'eye-tur foo-gum
Thanks Muds & Djimmy, ar, Paddy Lennon, James Plotkin, Anthony Carty, family, friends et al.
℗ & © Œjãipha 2012. All Rights Reserved

Spielpermar Spielparmid


Liber Eth

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Insigne Liber Eth Insigne
Prelude The Devils in the Detail
Bob and Johnny are going somewhere, they're just not sure where that is. They don't got talent, they ain't stars - neither of em are gonna be South Americas Next Top Anything. So they pull on their coats, step out and in to a dark place.

"What'll it be fellas?"
"Whatevers real bad – how bowt you Bobby?"
"Sounds good to me"
"You know what it's gonna cost?"
"Uh huh"

Taking a seat in the corner they watch the door and the girls.
"We started out in a real bright place, how'd we end up here"
"I have a fair idea".

Both men look around again, see where they are.
"Soooo……whadda we do now"
"Mmmmm…" Bob lets out a long breath "…doing something, that seems like a thing to do"
"Sure does,
you know they're gonna wanna
name outta us"



you know,

whatever you call it,

don't change what it is"

The lights flash, the bells ring and the shuffle starts.

"I guess its time, you ready brother?"

"Yeah,        you?"

"Mmmmmmmmm sure, you?..

Release Date 02/02/10
Catalogue # OEJ001
Format CD | MP3
Running Time 69:00
Recorded & Mixed by Warren Tivy & John Burke at Claycastle Studios Youghal [21-27 Sept 2009]
Mastered by Aidan Foley at Masterlabs Dublin
Written & Produced by Jung Turks
Heptatych ER
Phonetics Liber Eth /liːbɜːr eθ/ lee-ber eth
  Œjãipha /ejaɪfæ/ eh-y'eye-fah
℗ & © Œjãipha 2009. All Rights Reserved

Liber Eth

Jung Turks EP