Monday December 07 2009

Folks, we're sorry to let you know that there will be a delay in the release of Liber Eth. We collected the CD Digipaks from the manufacturer on Friday and the overall print quality is just not up to scratch. When it comes down to it, artwork either matters or it doesn't - we choose to believe that it does. We know some of you may already have a copy so if you hold onto them, we'll exchange it when we resolve the problem. In the meantime as a thank you for your patience, here's track three from the record, This Slaves Freedom Cries


Tuesday December 01 2009

A chance to hear a preview of Liber Eth this Wednesday 02nd December on 4FM (94FM/104FM). Allen Smith, presenter of Jazz on 4, will play track 4 Mĕserëv between 9pm and 10pm. The show is also stored on the 4FM site for a week after its air date. Cheers Allen!
Allen's Website


Friday November 27 2009

T-Shirts and Tote bags are now available to purchase in the SHOP. CDs and Vinyl aren't available just yet, we expect to have CDs ready for the launch next Friday in The Stables. If we don't it's gonna be really hinteresting and heducationalist. Anyway, please let us know if there are any bugs/broken links on the site, apart from the ones we intentionally put there, obviously.


Wednesday November 11 2009

Bob and Johnny are going somewhere, they're just not sure where that is. They don't got talent, they ain't stars - neither of em are gonna be South Americas Next Top Anything. So they pull on their coats, step out and in to a dark place.

"What'll it be fellas?"
"Whatevers real bad – how bowt you Bobby?"
"Sounds good to me"
"You know what it's gonna cost?"
"Uh huh"

Taking a seat in the corner they watch the door and the girls.
"We started out in a real bright place, how'd we end up here"
"I have a fair idea".

Both men look around again, see where they are.
"Soooo……whadda we do now"
"Mmmmm…" Bob lets out a long breath "…doing something, that seems like a thing to do"
"Sure does,
you know they're gonna wanna
name outta us"



you know,

whatever you call it,

don't change what it is"

The lights flash, the bells ring and the shuffle starts.

"I guess its time, you ready brother?"

"Yeah,        you?"

"Mmmmmmmmm sure, you?..


Extract [November 2009 ER]


Monday August 31 2009

N'Youghaleans [25 September 2009 ER]


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