Tuesday December 21 2010

Reflection 1-5 [NYC December 2010 JR] Reflection 1-5 [NYC December 2010 JR] Reflection 1-5 [NYC December 2010 JR] Reflection 1-5 [NYC December 2010 JR] Reflection 1-5 [NYC December 2010 JR]

Saturday November 13 2010

Tubal Cain

bone cage
Samhain October 31 2010

cho ku rei

bare bones rock n roll from the Sonoran desert


Friday July 30 2010

Another feelgood summer sing-along track from our debut album Liber Eth is now available as a free download from Soundcloud, details on where you can get the full album here.

Here's what Dave from the now sadly defunct Road Records had to say about the record:

'The debut full length album from this Irish based two piece. The album is kind of loosely based around the sounds of classical acoustic guitar and propulsive jazz like drum sounds, that's just for starters though. It's an ever evolving sound that can go from latin american folk to jazz rock at the drop of a hat. At times it sounds like some kind of skewed acoustic post rock thing blended with the kind of madness that is Mike Pattons' Fantômas project. It's an album with so many twists and turns that I could spend ages on each track. Its jazz, post rock, avant rock, folk and plenty more. A highly rewarding listen it must be said.'
May 2010

We've also had a review from Hot Press magazine, who called the album a 'wilfully obtuse, bewildering beast'


Monday July 19 2010

Arse Gratia Arsist [July 2010 ER]Arse Gratia Arsist [July 2010 ER]

Monday June 21 2010

GRACIÆ [June 2010 ER]

HA!   LE   LOO,  YA
Wednesday April 21 2010

good news

sih ree us?

seary, yus

Liber Eth Digipak CDs are now available here and in selected independent stores:
*e2 Music (Mullingar/Navan), Road Records (Dublin), Zhivago (Shop St. Galway)*
and Stinkweeds (Phx, Az.)

For those who bought a copy back in December please get in touch via, thanks

*Update August 2011: Unfortunately these stores have since closed. CDs can still be purchased direct from us here at the website


Saturday March 06 2010

an exhibition including work by some of our friends opens today in the southa franks
poster Above/invitation below with all the in fo

A/E Invitation
chin-strokers welcome


Tuesday February 02 2010

We're happy to announce our debut album Liber Eth is now available to download from both iTunes UK/European Union and iTunes US stores, just click on album cover below to preview and download tracks.

JUNG TURKS Liber Eth. iTunes

The complete album Heptatych has also been uploaded here for those purchasing the record from iTunes. We are still working on ensuring the physical CD Digipak release best represents this artwork and will let you know as soon as it becomes available. Thanks, hope you enjoy the record


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