memories are the worms by death hack
Friday December 21 2018

Withdrawal by Jay Umz
Monday January 01 2018

ho ho cuz
Sunday December 03 2017

xinhxinhambra by tubal cain
Tuesday November 07 2017

Thursday 23 March 2017

JURKS [23 March 2017]

Friday September 25 2015

ss deluxe
Sunday September 23 2012

Our Deluxe Edition for Spielpermar Spielparmid is now available to order from our shop.
The Deluxe Edition consists of an SS CD, Complete album artwork & titles laser etched on black acetal plates, White leather cover with laser etched sigil, Numbered edition plate, Chrome snap fastener button and Nickel binder rings. SS Deluxe is available in a limited numbered edition of 23.

SS Deluxe SS Deluxe SS Deluxe SS Deluxe SS Deluxe

We have our good friend Tony to thank for making the entire package a reality. A couple of years ago he showed us what could be done with the Laser Pro machine, a move he sincerely regrets to this day. The seed was irrevocably sown and Tony, to his great credit, stuck with us for the inordinate amount of time it took to fine tune the process and complete the packages - sincere thanks from the both of us.

ss release
Thursday June 21 2012

Spielpermar Spielparmid is available now on Free Download from and on
Ecowallet CD from our shop (SS Deluxe package to follow) - hope you enjoy it.

spielpermar spielparmid
Wednesday May 23 2012

Playing at Stallions by Paddy Lennon [Spielpermar Spielparmid]

Our second album Spielpermar Spielparmid is coming out next month. Recorded in The Bunker, Scottsdale & The Coalshed, Killucan, mastered by multi-talented maestro James Plotkin (Phantomsmasher, Khanate et al). It will be available as a Free Download, on Ecowallet CD and a handful of Deluxe Edition Leather bound laser-etched acetal art-plates packages.

The cover art is 'Playing at Stallions' by the Wexford based artist Paddy Lennon. I first came across Paddys' work a few years back in Galway and was blown away. This piece in particular informed our work on the record in a major way, so sincere thanks to Paddy for his permission in having it grace the cover.

i Can Abel is free to download now from

the proving ground
Sunday April 01 2012

The Proving Ground [March 2011 ER]

Wednesday March 07 2012

WAVESS [March 2012 ER]

Blue Walls
behind blue walls for the third time in a while
thems curtain chatters round the ridge of the
sweet jesus gut roar that swallows all
'are you a heavy drinker?'
'no no now? no not now'
pethidine goes in first (in the arse)
but its still there
'give it a while'
so for a while its wait crunch wait hurl gulch
hurl wait wait wretch hurl and
in a while
still there
so in goes the diaphene
(actually in the arse - twas a dark night of the hole)
'pregnant women swear by it'
i didn't
so fucking finally
the morphine
more please
and ahhhhawwwwwllll is well so well even the sound of
the poor bastard shitting himself the bed over drifts like


Wednesday 29 February 2012

two birds sit in tree
Wednesday December 21 2011

two birds sit in tree [2009 ER]


hey CARL
Friday November 11 2011
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Hey Carl [01 September 2011 ER]

Welcome to the new website frendos, weeks of slaving over stolen code has paid off and the result looks eh, slightly different - hell a little touch-up and a little paint.
You'll be glad to see we've maintained that 'my first website' design and feature quality you've come to expect, let us know if you come across any bugs.

On a technical note, the site uses some script to open pictures and sidebar menus, which you may be prompted to allow to run depending on your browser settings and the amount of porn you're watching. Hope you likey long time.


Sunday September 11 2011

Word One [28 June 2011 ER]

nine trees
Friday July 29 2011
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Nine Trees [29 July 2011 ER]
Nine Trees [29 July 2011 ER]


Tuesday May 24 2011

Happy Birthday Bob [24 May 2011 ER]

cool water flowing
a lone voice ever heard o'er
the rabble and din

Saturday March 26 2011

Sun Shines Through Knot in Wood [March 2011 ER]
Sun Shines Through Knot in Wood [March 2011 ER]
Sun Shines Through Knot in Wood [March 2011 ER]

Monday January 31 2011

you see them at the airport
with a pretty girl
the latest goods
clothes that fit and a
important work in the city
with interesting stories
every thing as luck would have it



a muthafuhkin wineglass holder necklace

clever wino

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